Import License

Or Products License the requirement for importing medical devices in Indonesia is that they must have a distribution permit from the Ministry of Health.

Except that, in order to accelerate the handling of the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) in Indonesia, the government through the Directorate General of Customs and Excise is facilitating import permits for medical devices. This is stated in the Regulation of the Minister of Health number 7 of 2020 and the Decree of the Minister of Finance number HK.01.07 of 2020 which regulates the relaxation of several medical device commodities for the purposes of handling Covid-19.

Previously, imports of medical devices generally applied restrictive provisions or required an import permit in the form of a distribution permit from the Ministry of Health

Only Medical Device Distributors (IDAK) or Medical Device Manufacturers (having Medical Device Production Certificates) can import medical devices in Indonesia.