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Medical Devices Market Distribution & Regulation Affairs

With our experience with several principles that have entered Indonesia and we believe that with a population of 270 million, the need for good medical devices and IVD is very high.

We are engaged in medical device and IVD regulatory consulting services in Indonesia and our team is also highly experienced in registration to ongoing legal representation for post-market monitoring and compliance.

We are confident that we can deliver your medical devices to your customers safely, starting from import including import duties, distribution of your products to finding the right distributor in Indonesia.

Regulatory Compliance Consultation​

Ensure adherence to medical device regulations through expert guidance and comprehensive analysis.

We will help your medical device registration as the authorize representative agency in Indonesia. Based our experiences since 2013 have good knowledge and best practices regarding the Indonesia medical regulation.

This means you can concentrate on developing and bringing medical devices to market that improve the health and quality of life for millions.

regulatory compliance

Market Expansion Strategy

We are confident that we can help open up a new medical device market for medical device and IVD products in Indonesia.
And also maintain distribution permits for your medical device and IVD products so that their legality and safety are always maintained.
And connect your medical device and IVD products with distributors throughout Indonesia.

And always do post market reports for the medical equipment products we distribute in Indonesia.

Product & Distribution Registration Assistance​

Training on regulation of medical devices and IVD specifically in Indonesia for manufacturers worldwide and domestically, carrying out updates, changing ownership/transferring licenses, and dealing directly with local authorized regulators every day

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